Our Technology

Our Technology

Organic Semiconductor Laser Diode

 KOALA Tech Inc. is an innovative high-tech startup company; whose goal is to pioneer practical applications of the world's first organic semiconductor laser diode that has been recently realized at Kyushu University. Until now, laser diodes were based on inorganic fluorescent semiconductors. Our new laser diode technology is based on organic fluorescent semiconductors, which are generally easier, less harmful and faster to process into thin films. In addition, organic semiconductor lasers can be prepared onto different types of substrates and can be easily integrated into the organic electronic platform. Another important feature of organic laser materials is that they can be chemically designed to achieve any specific emission wavelengths ranging from the blue to the near infrared spectral range.

Future business development

 KOALA Tech. is carrying out strong R&D activities aiming at building a strong patent portfolio and proposing new solutions to manufacturers and suppliers that desire to use organic semiconductor laser diode as a low-cost light source that can be easily integrate into the organic electronic platforms. From our perspectives, our organic semiconductor laser technology will open a range of novel applications in various fields such as spectroscopy, displays, healthcare, sensing and optical communication.