KOALA Tech is headquartered in Fukuoka, Japan, located within walking distance of the Ito Campus of Kyushu University. Our research and development activities are conducted also at the Kyushu University Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research (known as OPERA) on campus.


KOALA Tech has actively welcomed foreigners and women, fostering a diverse team. Respecting differences and leveraging each individual's strengths is a crucial source of competitive advantage for us. We also offer various support programs for our international members, including Japanese language training by qualified staff.


Innovative technologies like OSLD know no borders. The solutions realized by KOALA Tech will be spreading across the globe. For us, the diversity of our team is the most crucial resource driving technological innovation and corporate growth. We bring you the voices of our employees thriving in this international workplace environment.

>Mohammed Ahmed

Mohammed AhmedJoined us in April 2023

After obtaining a PhD in chemistry-optical spectroscopy from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in India, he engaged in molecular spectroscopy research as a postdoctoral researcher and later as a research scientist at RIKEN, Japan.

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Your current workMy primary responsibility as the leader of the Measurement Team at Koala Tech revolves around overseeing the characterization of OSLD (Organic Semiconductor Laser Diode) devices provided by our fabrication team. Our focus extends beyond this to examine the in-depth study of photophysical properties within optical gain materials synthesized by our dedicated Material Synthesis Team. Our work is important in understanding and optimizing the performance of the devices. We employ advanced optical and electrical measurement techniques specifically developed to characterize OSLD devices. These techniques, developed through our team's diligent efforts, allow us to investigate the devices in detail, ensuring comprehensive analysis and improvement. Beyond measurements, we utilize cutting-edge optical and electrical simulations to precisely design the device structure, predicting and estimating its performance even before fabrication begins. This proactive approach helps us fine-tune and optimize the devices for enhanced functionality and stability. Collaboration lies at the heart of our success. The collaboration among our teams not only facilitates the improvement of existing devices but also drives innovation by exploring novel methods to advance the practical applications of our organic semiconductor laser technology.

>Mohammed Ahmed

Job attraction and satisfactionDuring my PhD, I loved learning new things and dreamed of using optics and laser spectroscopy to solve real-time problems and create devices that help people. When I got the chance to join Koala Tech Inc., I was super excited. They want to use this technology in many areas like healthcare, displays, and communication—it's groundbreaking. Even though my PhD wasn't directly in this field, I knew I wanted to work hard and learn new stuff to fit in. My integration into Koala Tech Inc. was smooth, thanks to my colleagues' unyielding support and collaborative spirit. What I love about my job here is the chance to do innovative research, teaming up with experts from different fields to create things nobody has thought of before.

About previous jobBefore joining Koala Tech Inc., I worked as a Research Scientist at RIKEN. Within a distinguished professor's group, my research focused on the development of a new advanced surface-selective ultrafast spectroscopy technique. My tenure as a postdoctoral researcher and later as a Research Scientist at RIKEN was transformative. It was an environment rich with cutting-edge optical techniques and access to state-of-the-art analytical instruments. The guidance and mentorship the professor provided at RIKEN honed my skills and nurtured a spirit of innovation within me. This invaluable experience has been instrumental in shaping my approach toward scientific exploration and problem-solving. I carry forward the lessons learned, and the methodologies acquired, ready to leverage this wealth of knowledge in contributing to the innovative pursuits here at Koala Tech Inc.

Working in JapanWorking in Japan for the past 8 years has been eye-opening. I came here with worries, but none of them turned out to be true. The country and its culture surprised me pleasantly—they're different from what I expected. Life here, initially puzzling, isn't as complex as I thought, even without knowing Japanese. Communicating with my Japanese colleagues can be a challenge due to the language barrier. However, technology tools like Google Translator have significantly eased this hurdle, enabling smoother interactions. Learning Japanese is on my to-do list because this has become my home. I've also noticed a growing enthusiasm among Japanese individuals to embrace and engage more actively in English conversations.

Company atmosphere and environmentAt Koala Tech, there is a collaborative and supportive work atmosphere. Our company values the happiness and health of its employees, organizing social events and supporting a balanced work-life schedule. Despite being a small startup, our collective drive ensures efficient results, and our collaborative attitude drives us forward effectively. Koala Tech encourages an open environment, where communication flows seamlessly across all levels. Employees can engage with anyone, including higher management, receiving prompt answers and guidance. Mistakes happen, but here, they're seen as opportunities to learn and fix things fast. Koala Tech encourages us to learn and grow. I'm gaining new skills and evolving, both professionally and personally. These skills are sure to benefit me in the future.

>Mohammed Ahmed

What kind of future do your research expect to lead?Our ongoing research in organic laser diode technology utilizes the potential of organic fluorescent semiconductors, offering many advantages. These materials feature ease of processing into thin films, minimizing harm in production processes while accelerating their development. Additionally, their adaptability to various substrates and seamless integration into organic electronic platforms mark them as highly versatile. Anticipating the evolution of our OSLD technology, I foresee its transformative impact on micro-OLED technology. Imagine highly directional emission, enhanced monochromaticity, and wavelength tunability. These advancements are important, promoting our technology to be readily applicable in smart glasses, and presenting a new era of functionalities and possibilities. Moreover, their seamless integration into point-of-care medical devices utilizing light-based sensing and spectroscopy is prepared to revolutionize diagnostics, particularly for conditions traditionally challenging to detect via conventional laser technology.

Future goals and career plansMy ambition is to become an eminent R&D specialist in Photonics technology. Looking ahead, my dream revolves around building an optical sensing device specifically tailored for spectroscopic analysis in disease detection, leveraging the power of our OSLD innovation. This journey fuels my passion for pioneering advancements at the intersection of technology and healthcare, ultimately aiming to make a meaningful impact on diagnostic methodologies.

Successful experiences and things that made you happy at workWhen I joined Koala Tech, our R&D team focused on developing an innovative OSLD device capable of emitting highly directional and single-colored light. I actively joined with experts skilled in design and fabrication to contribute to creating this groundbreaking device. Eventually, we succeeded! Our team engineered a new device, a significant leap forward in the OSLD market. I had the opportunity to design and present a live demonstration of our new device at the prestigious International Display Workshop (IDW) in Niigata. The moment industry experts recognized and praised our team's achievement was truly remarkable. They even acknowledged it as the world's first of its kind! Witnessing our collective effort receive such acknowledgment and acclaim filled me with immense joy and pride.

>Mohammed Ahmed

Ryosuke Taniguchi

Ryosuke TaniguchiJoined us in July 2022

After completing the graduate school major in applied chemistry, engaged in research and development of organic synthesis of electronic materials, etc.

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Your current workI am in charge of the synthesis, purification, and physical property evaluation of organic laser emitting materials.

Job attraction and satisfactionWe are developing low-molecular materials that have not yet been made anywhere else in the world. There are luminescent materials, but being able to visually observe the luminescence during synthesis really gets me excited. It's especially rewarding when I receive a message from the measurement team saying, ``We got good results!'' or when I get interested in an internal presentation.

About previous jobI have experience in synthesizing electronic materials and other functional materials from milligram to ton scales, but I became interested in developing new materials and changed jobs.

Ryosuke Taniguchi

company atmosphere and environmentWhen I joined the company, I immediately felt that it was a very welcoming environment, and if there was something I didn't understand about the company, the team members would quickly respond to me. Also, my supervisor usually seems busy, but when I talk to him, he immediately gives me accurate advice. During team meetings, I receive professional advice and always ask if I have any questions. Additionally, some of our equipment is shared with Kyushu University, so we are able to use expensive equipment, which is a great privilege. Everyone has a variety of nationalities and specialties, so it's refreshing to be able to absorb sensibilities and ideas that are different from my own. I think it's a good workplace where you can work at your own discretion, rather than being passive.

What kind of future do your research expect to lead?If the materials and technology that I develop can emit lasers at a lower cost than inorganic materials, and if the emission color can be tuned without increasing the number of synthesis steps, it can be applied to all kinds of devices, and it will be a strong technology and company. I think it will be.

Future goals and career planAs a researcher, I want to become an engineer who can propose molecular designs that achieve the physical properties of a target.

successful experiences and things that made you happy at workWhen I can isolate a target compound that could not be isolated before, or when a reaction that did not progress progresses, the effort is worth it. Also, if I can obtain the optical properties of a compound and use it as a hint for the next molecular design, your motivation will increase.

Ryosuke Taniguchi


【Organic Laser|Device Research and Development OLED Engineer】

Organic semiconductor laser technology that will change the world!
A start-up company from Kyushu University

Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, Japan

Salary Annual salary ¥5,000,000 - ¥9,000,000 *Annual salary includes fixed overtime pay for 20 hours.
Work hours 8:30~17:30
Holidays 125 days off per year, Five-day workweek, Annual paid leave, Year-end and New Year's leave, Condolence leave, etc.