Wearable devices for a smart society

OLED technology, closely related to OSLD, is growing and expected to see a market size increase. Wearable devices are among its most promising uses. In a future smart society, wearable devices will become crucial in both work and daily life. This society will feature advanced sharing of knowledge and information, leading to overall societal optimization. With the advent of laptops and smartphones, information has become portable and pocket-sized. In this advancing smart society, wearable devices will enable the wearing of information, merging the real and virtual worlds. OLED's thin, light, and flexible properties make it ideal for wearable technology, already being used in VR goggles and smart glasses.


Combining organic electronics with laser

KOALA Tech offers organic electronics that have the features such as flexibility, low environmental impact, low cost, and high wavelength tunability, while also having the high color purity and high directionality of light.

  • Organic

    Light and soft

    Environmental friendly

    Low cost


  • Laser

    High color purity

    High directionality

What is OSLD?


  • OLED deviceOLED device
  • OSLD deviceOSLD device

OLED and OSLD have a device structure in common

By applying new materials suitable for lasers to the basic structure of OLED, and introducing a mechanism called a resonator (grating) that has the role of amplifying light, OSLD is realized.

  • SemiconductorSemiconductors are electronic components that control the flow of electricity. Often referred to as the "rice of industry," they are essential in all electronic devices.
    Traditionally, they have been made from inorganic materials like silicon.
  • Organic electronicsWith the advancement of science, semiconductors made from organic materials have become practical. OLED, widely used in smartphones, is one of the most prominent examples of organic semiconductors.
  • LaserThe light emitted by OLEDs is natural light. KOALA Tech is developing devices that produce laser light with high directionality and color purity, based on OLED technology. This is what is known as OSLD.

Towards ideal wearable experiences

KOALA Tech's OSLD provides an essential solution for organic electronics products, including OLEDs, to meet the high performance demands of wearable devices. For example, in smart glasses, there is a need to merge real landscapes with virtual images under the sun. By applying OSLD to the microdisplay, which is the light source technology for smart glasses, optical efficiency is greatly improved, enabling the realization of bright virtual images.



Providing integrated OSLD solution

We provide an integrated solution to our customers, primarily OLED manufacturers, ranging from cutting-edge photonics simulation to licensing OSLD technology.

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Core technologies Business model New values to OLED
MaterialsDesigning materials for lasing Simulation Tunable wavelength
Nano structureDesigning resonators Design & prototyping High color purity
SimulationOptimizing the device structure License High directionality


It is expected that the use of nanostructured devices will expand further. Their development requires the analysis of phenomena unique to nano-sized materials, demanding advanced simulation expertise. KOALA Tech offers contracted simulation services based on the know-how developed through R&D in OSLD technology.

Design & prototyping (plan)

We will support the design and prototyping of devices with optimized optical efficiency tailored to our customers' applications.

Licensing (plan)

We will license solutions that improve optical efficiency by integrating our unique optical technologies, including OSLD, into OLED structures to our customers.