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Organic semiconductor laser technology that will change the world!
A start-up company from Kyushu University

Job Description

Our company is a start-up company from Kyushu University that was established with the aim of socially implementing organic semiconductor laser diodes (OSLDs), which were developed at Kyushu University's Advanced Organic Photoelectronics Research Center (OPERA) for the first time in the world. OSLD is a technology that has high equipment and process compatibility with OLED, and has updated performance compared to conventional OLED, such as single wavelength (high color purity), straight light propagation (high light utilization efficiency), and high output. Like OLEDs, organic light-emitting elements can be mounted at high density on substrates such as glass and silicon by taking advantage of the flexibility in wavelength design and the ability to use any substrate, as well as applications that take advantage of the characteristics of lasers (e.g. This technology also enables high-density mounting of light-emitting elements (for sensors) on glass or silicon substrates, which was difficult to do with conventional inorganic lasers.
Established in 2019, we have already received funding from Beyond Next Ventures, QB Capital, Sony Innovation Fund, Saga Bank VC, overseas (European Propagator Ventures), etc.


[Recent initiatives]
Establishment of OSLD technology that can evolve and integrate conventional micro OLEDs and enhancement of the patent portfolio.
[Where are the providers?]
・OLED manufacturers who want to dramatically advance the performance of OLED displays and capture new demand.
・Material suppliers that provide organic materials to OLED manufacturers.
・Semiconductor companies involved in the circuit design and manufacture of silicon substrates used for micro OLEDs.
[In what way?]
・Build a strategic intellectual property portfolio on OSLDs.
・Performance estimation, prototype validation support and technology licensing through joint research with alliance partners.
[Members of KOALA Tech]
Foreign employees 23% (as of December 2023, including directors)
Female employees 47% (as of December 2023, including directors)



KOALA Tech is seeking engineers with experience in electrical property measurement, design, and simulation of semiconductor or organic semiconductor devices.
The engineer in this position is mainly responsible for evaluating the electrical characteristics of organic semiconductor laser devices, feeding the results back into the design and examining the correspondence with simulations.

Job Title

OLED Engineer

Job Description

・Design of deposition materials and stacking structures for organic semiconductor laser devices.
・Maintenance and improvement of deposition equipment for the creation of organic semiconductor laser devices.
・Guidance of technical assistants in the creation of elements.

Required skills

Required qualification, Experience in at least two of the following.
・Experience in manufacturing technology (equipment or process) in the OLED display industry
・Experience in OLED development work

・Experience in applying for patents or publishing papers related to the above technologies

Qualification, Nice-to-have
・Masters or higher degree in research related to condensed matter physics, applied physics, optical engineering, electronic engineering, photochemistry or physical chemistry.
・TOEIC score of 600 or above.
・Ability to work in a results-oriented environment and be aware of work deadlines while being flexible to changing priorities.
・Documentation skills (internal technical reporting, reporting to external partners).

Trial Period

6 months


Commuting allowance (up to ¥50,000 per month), Social insurances

Employment status

Full-time employee (part-time negotiable)

Work location

Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, Japan


Annual salary ¥5,000,000 - ¥9,000,000 *Annual salary includes fixed overtime pay for 20 hours.

Work Hours



125 days off per year, Five-day workweek, Annual paid leave, Year-end and New Year's leave, Condolence leave, etc.

Selection Process

Document screening, 3 interviews (1st web interview, 2nd F2F interview, 3rd final confirmation of conditions) *Aptitude test available.
For those living outside Fukuoka Prefecture, we can flexibly arrange on-site or online interviews (you will be asked to visit our head office at least once for the final interview, etc.).


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